Friday, March 5, 2010

When Little Kids Read To You

I love when the Kindergartner pulls out a book and plops down on the couch right next to you. Sometimes you are in for a bumpy ride, making sure they know that D is not a B, reminding them to actually read the next sentence and not just put in what they think should go next. It's just cute. Every once in a while you get the best book ever! One was brought home this week for me. It's called "I Can See It!" and the best part about it is that my kid is missing his two front teeth. Let's just say that right now a snake says SSSHhhhhhhh. Well he is zooming through this new book and we get to page 3... "I can see a man sit!" page 4...... "I can see a dog sit!" then he stops and looks at me. "I can see a dog sit! is a sentence. It's a sentence because you CAN see a dog sit, because a dog CAN sit." I had to leave the room and laugh until I cried. Then when Daddy came home from work and he was a little bit grumpy, I sent him in to read to him. After that Daddy wasn't grumpy anymore.

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