Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

My cousin who used to live in Japan came over yesterday. She delivered a gift to me. Last year she had posted on her blog about Girl's Festival or Hina-matsuri. She had posted pictures of these adorable little dolls that her friend had made for her. I commented on her post and said that they were so cute and that I wanted some. I meant this as a compliment to the maker and as a thought that if I ever saw any in a store I would buy them instantly. Well, my cousin's cute friend not only sent her more dolls, she had made some for me too. How nice is it that somebody on the other side of the world saw a small comment and a year later made a gift for somebody that they had never met? That right there proves that my belief that most people are good is true. Hah! Take that you cynic! (You know who you are.)

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