Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I am an apartment dweller. Sure it's small, but it comes with perks! One of those perks is neighbors. Yes, you have neighbors when you live in a house, but it's not the same. There are four apartments in this building, and we all work hard to maintain a good relationship. We have cookouts, we hang out on hot summer evenings, we make each other cookies. Last night my neighbors daughter brought me a bag of tamales. I happen to be a lover of tamales and have tried them from many people. Let me tell you this, my neighbor is a tamale genius! Later in the day she asked me if I had got my tamales. I told her yes and she told me that she had been making them all day for her friends. I was so glad to hear that I was no longer on the neighbor list, but had made it onto the friend list. In all my years of having neighbors I don't think I've ever had better ones! Oh, and later in the day when she saw my kids playing outside she gave each one a sucker. What a great lady...... I think I need to go bake something.

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