Thursday, March 18, 2010


While I was writing about my boys I knew I would write about my girls today, but they gave me even more reason to yesterday. The youngest boy had a bad day yesterday. He woke up in the night with a tooth ache. I called the dentist and he was in Logan yesterday so I had to go out there. I went and got the kids out of school early so they wouldn't be stranded and we all drove up. Once we got there he and the kids all sat down on the couches in the waiting room. He climbed up and cuddled with his big sister. She just held him and made him feel ok. After he went in the two girls kept their other brother entertained for over an hour. Then on the way home they made sure to keep everyone quiet in the car while their baby brother slept. These girls are just so sweet. They are such good friends with each other that they instant message each other while they do homework on separate computers. They are always looking out for their little brothers, and are always willing to lend a hand at home. I'm so glad I had my girls first, I love our talks and I love how girly they are. The house smells like finger nail polish, the bathroom is too crowded and they have to use space saver hangers so their clothes will fit in the closet. I look at my girls and can't figure out what I have done to end up with such great kids.

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  1. hat is so sweet. i couldn't stop smiling while i was reading..