Friday, March 26, 2010


Apparently when my husband was young when his mom would make cookies he would ask for the lick-a-beater, so that is now what all spoons, beaters and paddles are referred as. Every one wants the lick-a-beater. My oldest child sneaks into the kitchen when nobody else is looking and asks me really quietly, like she doesn't want any one to know she still likes it. My youngest child doesn't even wait until I'm done mixing to ask. I have pictures of my oldest when she was two sitting on her grandpas lap while they both had a lick-a-beater. Last week when I made cookies with the girls at church, a shy little twelve year old girl who doesn't talk much asked me if she could have the spoon. Don't tell me the woes of eating raw egg in the cookie dough, The real risk comes when you put that perfectly good lick-a-beater in the sink.

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