Friday, September 24, 2010


We went to the annual school carnival tonight. It's always a crazy night with tons going on, but tonight was Crazy with a capital C! The elementary school has doubled it's size this year so the crowd was INSANE. The night always starts with the kids performances then the carnival games. With the school being the size it is now I doubt we will ever do the games again because it is so easy to lose each other. The dances though were fun as usual. Eli and Andrew both had a dance. Eli is just too cute for words because he wants to do what his teachers ask, but feels like he is too cool to be doing this. Luckily his teachers are just so fun so he got into it and just grinned while he danced. Andrew, well, he is a different story. That kid loves to sing so even with 50 kids singing and having four rows of people between me and him I could still hear him above the others. He just sings his little heart out and wiggles his cute little hips. What a cutie! I think one of my most favorite parts about carnival is the weeks preceding. Andrew has been walking around singing his little song in Spanish all week. Have I mentioned that I have cute kids?

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