Monday, September 20, 2010


Andrew has been learning to ride his new bike this weekend. The first day it was just Daddy and Andrew. The second day we all went out. I really only thought there were two types of kids when it came to falling off your bike. There is the ever so dramatic type that screams and bawls and milks it for as long as possible. There is also the strong silent type who tries really, really hard not to cry and hides their face when they do. Apparently there is a third kind and that kind is Andrew. Every time he fell he would lay on the ground and cackle like an insane person. I don't know what was so funny about falling, but it got him every time. I wonder if he imagined what he looked like to every one else. The laughing is contagious too. The first couple times he fell I would wince a little and he would laugh. The third time he was riding for a good minute, doing turns and everything, then he ran straight into a wall. He fell pretty hard and just laughed. It was so cute and funny, between his laughing and the fact that he had just run into a wall, I couldn't help but laugh too. I love my little clown.


  1. this made me laugh. funny and so cute.

  2. at one point, after laughing, he looked at me and asked me "is it supposed to hurt like this?"

    yes, andrew. it is. sorry.