Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Staying Home

I love being a stay at home mom. The days that I appreciate it the most though are days like today. Poor little Jack is sick. He woke up with a fever and a yucky cough. All he has wanted to do today is snuggle and I sure am glad that I have the opportunity to stay home and do that. I love my wonderful husband for working so hard so I can be here for the kids. I love that my family is happy with the decision to make sacrifices so I can be here. They really are, if you heard half of the things my kids say about our life, you would never question it. People always ask, "Don't you hate living in that little apartment?" I don't think they believe me when I say no. I am happy with where we are. We made a decision based on what is right for us and only us. I love being home, and I love my tiny little apartment.


  1. What a positive Attitude Michelle! Thanks for sharing your blog on facebook. I didnt know you had one. I am sure this will be a must read on my list =)

  2. when we got married we had no car, a very small TV, no microwave, a hand-me-down bed and one guitar. We don't have much, but we appreciate what we have because it's not easy to get it. I work hard and enjoy my life because my wife is living her childhood dream. How many adults can say that? I can't. Not even close, but my turn will come. In the meantime, I work outdoors in the heat and my beautiful wife stays home with the kids.

    I'm glad she's as happy as I am.