Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My kids have been cooped up during Spring Break but still having fun. First day they had their cousins to hang out with. Yesterday and today both Andrew and Jack have had their best friends over all day. Eli also has tons of fun with Porter. Tomorrow both girls will be hanging out with their best friends. I just love watching how these little people handle friendship. They don't hold back at all. If some body is annoyed they tell them and they get over it. They also are so willing to let each other know how much they love them. The girls went out and got best friend necklaces that they bought with the money they work so hard to earn. I love the way kids are so open. I have only had a few friends I could be like that with in my adult hood besides my sisters. It's nice to watch the kids and learn all over again how to be a friend.


  1. Friends are great. They are. I love my friends. But I could not breathe without my sisters. Love you.