Thursday, April 22, 2010


Do you remember the first time you were aware of dreaming? Jack does. The other night he came into my room scared and told me, " I don't want anything in mine eyeballs!"
I asked, "Do you have something in your eye?"
"There's ghosts in mine eyeballs."
So I told him to climb in bed with me. I could tell he was scared and didn't want to go back to sleep so I told him that he was in Mommy's bed now and Mommy's bed is safe from all the scary things. He started to fall back asleep, but pretty soon those eyes just popped open, and again he looked up at me and said, "There's ghosts in mine eyeballs! I saw Ben 10 (a cartoon character) and he was orange and I was Superman and I smashed him!"
I couldn't resist a giggle or two and told him, "Those aren't ghosts, those are dreams."
"Yes, dreams are like movies when you sleep."
"They are?"
"Yep, dreams are fun."
He wasn't buying it and refused to go back to sleep. I decided I needed to get his mind off of things and I took him to the couch where he could watch some late night tv and I could get some sleep. I told him to go get his pillow from his bed, but he ran out of his room and told me, " I saw something (sounds more like sussing when he says it) in the window!"
I told him that he didn't, but went and got his pillow for him. He was so worried about dreaming again that he just refused to go back to sleep. The problem of him not sleeping is that to keep himself awake he kept taking to me. At about 3:15 I went to bed and told Timm it was his turn. After I finally got some sleep I realized just how cute that whole night was. He has a great imagination when he's awake, I can't even begin to imagine what his reams are like.

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