Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As you can tell by yesterdays post, food makes me happy. Food is a major gateway to happiness for me. I know that sounds like I eat way too much, but I like to share it more than eat it most of the time. Sure, sometimes wanting, then getting something like fried chicken makes me happy. Sometimes I am just having a blah day and cooking for my family makes me happy. I know that is weird, but it's therapeutic for me. It's something I know I can control. Sometimes it's talking with someone like my sister and brainstorming about an upcoming party and finally figuring out what to eat at the party. It makes me happy to not only help figure out the menu, but to know that I get to cook some of it. If I'm down I bake. If I'm really down I bake then take whatever I made over to the neighbor. I think my neighbor is a lot like me when it comes to this. I am always having the neighbor kids knock on my door with a plate full of tamales or something. Tonight it was a strawberry drink. It makes me smile every time because I get it. I get that sending that food over makes her feel good. So the point? Yay food!

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  1. I've just decided that every time I write a post that I just can't seem to wrap up, I will end it with... Yay food!