Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wrapping Paper

Why is it that people have started using gift bags instead of wrapping paper? You get more mileage out of it right? WRONG! You buy a gift bag, put one present in it and give it away. Sure, the person you gave it to is grateful you didn't write on the tag and uses it for someone else. then they use it, and then the next person uses it, until it's too wrinkly to use, but unless one of those people give it back to you, you only use it once. With wrapping paper you get a whole roll. That's 20 square feet, baby! You can wrap 3 really big gifts or 103 really small gifts!

Then there is the issue of the peeker. All that stands between the peeker and their present in a gift bag is a piece of tissue paper and that's no fun. With wrapping paper that box just sits their mocking the peeker. They have designed wrapping paper so that if you lift that tape, the color of the paper is coming with it, leaving a little telling white square. Sure you can see the shape of the package, or shake it a bit, but that's why false packaging was invented.

Now we get to the BEST part of wrapping paper. RIPPING IT! Come on, you know it's not just the kids that like to do it. Every body likes to tear into that package. Don't worry about saving the paper, we have 20 square feet. What is more satisfying than ripping open that paper that has been sitting there all day enticing you with those pretty, colorful polka dots? Not much, that's what.

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