Monday, May 24, 2010


I walked a group of kids from the school to the theater this morning. It was one of the end of school reward days. 183 kids got to leave school and go watch Shrek 4. The school has also had a dance and a Lagoon day. All for the kids who have not received any detentions. Do you remember the time when you would be rewarded for good behavior? I don't mean all of these little blessings in disguise we get for being good people, I mean flat out rewards for being good. How fun would that be to get rewards for being nice? Like a certificate for not being late to anything for a whole month (we all know how hard it is to get the family ready and out the door on time), or a free ice cream for being the friend with the shoulder that gets cried on, or a round of applause for not losing your cool when the third cup of juice gets spilled at dinner. How cool would that be? Anyway, back to the real world. I am glad that these kids get recognized for good behavior. Too many times we overlook the good and focus on the bad. These kids need this recognition too, out of the five kids I walked over I think only one of them knew how to walk with her head up and I happen to know that this little girl had to work hard to get like that. These teenagers and preteens are at a point in their life when it feels like it's them against the world and they could use all the confidence boosters they can get. So go write somebody a note, take somebody to get some ice cream, or just give them a hug and tell them how good they are.
Here are my virtual hugs to the people who have been especially good to me lately.....
(((((((((((Timm)))))))))) ((((((((((Gabrielle)))))))))) ((((((((((Lorelei)))))))))) ((((((((((Jessica)))))))))) ((((((((((Alex)))))))))) ((((((((((Angie))))))))))
((((((((((Hollee)))))))))) ((((((((((Alison)))))))))) ((((((((((Eli))))))))))
((((((((((Andrew)))))))))) ((((((((((Jackson)))))))))) ((((((((((Darlene))))))))))
((((((((((Anybody who takes the time to read my blog, I love you!))))))))))

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