Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kindergarten Teachers

Sometimes I feel so bad for Kindergarten teachers, they get these tiny little kids in their class. Kids that are little enough to still say "I love you" to a teacher, kids that are still little enough to cry when they get hurt and run to their teachers for hugs, kids that are little enough to still say they have a tummy ache. Then, after we give them these little kids and they teach them and care for them and fall in love with them, we not only take them away for the summer, but we make them have a ceremony. Being a teacher and sending the kids out the door with a "See you next year!" would be hard enough, but to have a whole graduation ceremony and have singing and speeches? I haven't been to one yet where the teacher didn't cry. Thanks to all the teachers, especially the ones who take time to form bonds with our kids!

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