Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Back and I Brought Fish

So... Things have changed. Timm started school and was working at the same time so he was gone pretty much all day, then we moved, then Timm got cancer. For awhile there I didn't want to work on keeping my cup full, I was angry and sad and my cup kept getting filled and tipped over. Then when I started again I did so verbally with Timm or wrote things down on actual paper, but somebody asked me about this blog tonight so here we go again. We will try. For those of you who do not know, this blog is all about little things. Things that make me smile for a minute. I believe if we can keep watching for those little things we can keep our cups full. Sometimes we even have a big thing. I don't know about this being a daily event this time because of what my world is like now, but I have a place to yell so I should have a place to smile too. Today's little thing.... Fish. A few of my kids and my husband have been asking for fish for years and I just did not want to. Sunday an old friend gave me a fish tank with all the things I needed to get started. Today another friend gave me fish. Now every time I walk into the kitchen I find somebody's nose pressed up against the glass smiling. That makes me smile.

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