Monday, October 18, 2010

In Laws

Sometimes getting a whole second family can be difficult. You forget birthdays, you have to schedule holidays, you live far away from some in order to live close to others and once in a while you have a brother-in-law that just gets to you. Last week I was pretty angry at a particular family member and I was at the point of "why talk to anybody that doesn't live in this house?" that I get to every couple of years. Then, I checked the mail. Last year while we were in Oregon at Timm's parents house (who I adore!) I was talking to my sister-in-law about sweets. She has a sweets business and was trying to find some cute designs for cake balls. I sent her over to Bakerella's web site and she now makes adorable cake pops all the time. She recently went to a Bakerella book signing and remembered that we had talked about her. So do you know what she did? She got me a book, had it signed and sent it to me. It was a wonderful surprise to find in the mail. Plus, it came at the perfect time. It's nice to know that even when some people can make you so angry that you just want to SCREAM!, you have a family out there that thinks about you and loves you.

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